August 13, 2009

Wasatch County Fair

The Wasatch County fair came to town a few weeks back and brought with it some of our favorites; dutch oven cook-off, The Mountain Valley Stampede, and of course the rides. Also of note are the carnie folks, whose slowness and ineptitude is only rivaled by anyone in the "service" industry in Parker, AZ. Anyone who has tried to get a McFlurry, A&W Float, or Dairy Queen shake at the river knows what I'm talking about.
Jack and Seth whizzing by on the Pirate Ships.
Jack picked an appropriately named ship.
Lily couldn't go on much and at the start of the merry-go-round wasn't totally sold on the idea of riding a metal black stallion.
Jack and Seth on the other hand got a kick out of it.
Jack and Ollie on the race cars.
Lily looks longingly through the bars at her cousins as they go around.
Seth the cheeze ball.
Porter and Jack about to make their escape out of the fun house.

It was a fun couple days at the fair. We went back another day to ride some more rides and it was so funny to watch Jack. Like his Grandma Emmett he loves the thrill of roller coasters. Kurt and I went on The Zipper (did not break my high school record of 49 flips on the Zipper) and Jack cried the whole time because he wanted to go too. We did take him on the adult rides he was big enough for and he wanted to go again and again. Lily came with us on the Ferris Wheel and lost her breath every single time at the top. It was too funny to be heartbreaking.
Some photos from the rodeo. We had the seats closest to the starting stalls and had a couple bulls come up and stare us down after disposing of their cowboy. Like most terrifying situations I didn't think of any good trash talk until long after the moment was over and the bull(y) had walked away. Oh yeah! Well watch out or you'll be on my bbq grill next week! I totally should have said that.

Haircuts by John

I'm considering turning this into a flyer to advertise my free (tips accepted) hair cutting service. Between my crazy eyes and the screaming child I should get all the customers I want.