November 2, 2009


Jack and Lily and their cousins Porter and Seth all went as Cowpeople this year. Unfortunately Seth was ill and couldn't join us for the trick or treating. Fortunately I was there to tell the various neighbors that we were also collecting additional candy for our brother/cousin who was home sick. This was much more successful than when I tried the same line as an 11 year old with my pillow case and rollerblades.

Can you tell who was the most photogenic of the evening? Lily just loves people paying attention to her clothes, shoes, and hair.

It wasn't very long before Lily's bag was just about as heavy as her.

Celebrating our haul. Just an hour later with a sick stomach of my own and two sugar high, sticky fingered, chocolate drool stained kids tearing it up as they ask for more I had a different opinion of the event.
Couldn't resist .... Check out how nicely I pull off the cowboy as an almost three year old.