January 30, 2008

January made me shiver

Ok, so one of our new year's resolutions is to take our camera with us places so we weren't forced to capture memories on our cell phones. If you were to look at our collection of photos from January then it would be obvious we've failed. I once considered posting my resolutions on the blog but then I thought "why would I want to make myself feel even worse when I don't do them?" Lucky for us Beth's sister Emily was visiting for a couple weeks from Virginia and she is much better at having a camera handy. I had to steal these photos from her. We celebrated birthdays, baby blessings, and even got a babysitter a few times. We saw two movies, The Bucket List and 27 Dresses. Both movies served their purpose but to be completely honest I was just stoked to be seeing anything other than P.S. I Love You. That movie looks dreadful and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Here's the whole McEuen Family after baby Hallie's blessing. Who knows when we'll be able to get another photo with everybody there. I'm always glad when I don't have to stand right between Greg and Morgan. Grandma and Grandpa with Jack, Seth, Oliver, Hallie, Porter, Nicholas, and Elena

The adults and Nick at Macaroni Grill. Jackie did an excellent job as our server (and photographer) that night. At the time she was just Brian's girlfriend Jackie but now she is much more. To see the awesomely awkward video of what I'm referencing check this out.

Here we are at the Brick Oven to celebrate Elena's 4th birthday. The next week it was Porter's turn to celebrate his 3rd. That night I had a talk with Elena about how I didn't appreciate when she visited last summer that I played second fiddle to Jordan. I mean Jordan wasn't even officially in the family yet! She seemed to understand where I was coming from and when I asked her if I was her favorite again she did say yes.

Cousin Friends. Seth (17 months) Ollie (2) and Jack (15 months)

Stupid Flossing

I returned to the dentist for the first time in too long and it turns out that if you floss the night before it doesn't convince the dentist you've been flossing all along.

January 28, 2008

Miss you President

Every once in a while I wish I kept a better journal. If I had just opened my journal once since I stepped off the plane from Denmark it would be an improvement. I am grateful for my grandparents gentle encouragement to send in my contributions to the popular Emmett Family Quarterly. The newsletter certainly helps me and any interested posterity in the future to fill in the blanks. I look at this blog as an opportunity to fill in even more blanks.

I have had several opportunities to be in the same room or giant meeting hall with President Hinckley between temple dedications, conferences, and devotionals. I don't remember a lot of details of these events (can't find a journal) but I will never forget the feeling I had every time he entered the room. It's hard to describe and this isn't the most appropriate place to try but I'll leave it at I know he is a prophet.

My most recent memory came 2 years ago in Provo at the BYU-Utah football game. Before the game started I was inside walking up the stairs next to the President's box. I noticed as I got to the top step that the few people in the hallway were stopped and standing against the wall. This caused me to pause and look up to see what was going on. The first person I looked at, no more than three feet away, was President Hinckley's smiling face. I was so stoked! He had just waved his cane at me a few months earlier at the Newport Beach dedication. He saw me stop, get a goofy grin, and then looked at me and said "hello there" as he walked past me and into the President's box. I considered asking him who he was rooting for but quickly decided against it as it could possibly cause a crisis in faith. I know he is a UU alumnus but I like to think he was disappointed like the rest of us when BYU lost in an overtime thriller.

I will always remember how he encouraged me to stand a little taller and be a little better. I've used it for years as my hometeaching message and probably will for years to come.

January 18, 2008


Remember how cool TV used to be on Fridays? At work recently we discussed how with shows like Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters, and Just the Ten of Us we actually looked forward to the Friday lineup. Man did times change! Just a few months ago I was caught at home on a Friday and found myself watching part of that show Men in Trees. When I came to and realized what I was doing (no offense to fans of the show) I was so embarrassed to be watching prime time programming.

Thankfully Beth has saved us. Last week she stumbled upon Psych, liked it enough to record part of the marathon, convinced me I should watch an episode, and next thing you know we create a series recording for a Friday show. Highly recommend it. It's about two friends who have opened up a Psychic detective agency in Santa Barbara, only neither one is psychic. Therefore hilarity ensues as they work cases. It's on USA after Monk, which we also have taken a liking to. Watching Monk's character makes me feel like my OCD tendencies really aren't bad at all. Anyways it should help pass the gloom of winter and a writer's strike that is preventing 24 from returning.

January 17, 2008

Birthday greeting

On the drive home tonight after class I tried to reach my dad to wish him a happy birthday. I was unable to catch him but it got me thinking about the things I learned from him that I have tried to apply in my relatively short experience as a father. Here are four things I am grateful for and I hope Jack is too.
  1. Fatherly hair drying after the tub. He could always get those hands moving so fast inside the towel. Jack does seem to love it as I did.
  2. The haircuts. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you get a deal. Jack hasn't required many haircuts yet (one) but I am going to focus on the ones that don't end with a bleeding ear.
  3. Gentle wake-ups. First I need to say how much I have always hated waking up. I love you mom but we preffered dad's methods (I had to call Brian just to verify). Lights on and sudden talking were no doubt effective but gentle nudging and low volume made waking up a little less painful.
  4. Excellent driving tunes. This was just a given. Thanks dad!

January 9, 2008

Snow days

The snow continues to fall and I am loving it. As much as I love and need the sun I don't miss it as long as there is snow falling. Cold, cloudy, and no snow is the worst. Jack loves playing in the snow as well. He has used his new snow suit a couple times and has a blast, doesn't want to go back in the house. He loves eating snow, he even tries to eat it out of the air when we walk to and from the car. When his mittens prove to be a hindrance in the pursuit of eating snow he just goes face first into the bank. At any rate the prognosis is good for getting him on skis next season!

It's so hard to select photos to post when the kid smiles for every one.

January 7, 2008

Little diddy

about Jack and Cheyenne. One bummer from the holidays was we gave our 2 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab away. Over the past several months it got to the point that we were so busy with all our various occupations we didn't have the time and were unable to give Cheyenne all the attention she required. When a friend of a family friend approached Beth for the second time in as many months saying that they were very interested in our dog for their 16 year old son we took the offer seriously. Their family dog died recently and they didn't want to go through the hassle of training a brand new puppy. It turned out to be a great fit, the family has 5 acres in Heber for her to run and chase deer to her heart's content. We recently heard that the whole family from the 2 year old grandkids to the 16 year old son "just love" Cheyenne. It's nice to know she has a good home and isn't cooped up in our tiny back yard and home.

Here's a video I took on Christmas Eve before the new owners picked her up. Jack's version of fetch with the dog usually ends with him realizing that he doesn't really like sharing at all and tries to make an escape with the dog's toy.

We miss her like crazy but visitors may be understandably relieved. Contrast the first video of how pleasant she was around us to how excited she gets around new people or dogs. We took the second video when she met the Johnson's Shih Tzu puppy, Cache. It should be noted that Cache was OK.

January 4, 2008

It's a . . . . . . girl!

Beth had the ultrasound this afternoon and we found out it is a girl. Everything looks really good and healthy. She measured out as expected and the due date is still May 25th.

I have been pretty vocal in saying that I wanted another boy. This was for several reasons: 1) I really like Jack and would be cool with another one 2) The baby's room and bathroom are already blue 3) we have all the supplies for a boy 4) I was under the impression that men are supposed to want boys and 5) to be contrary because I know how Beth wanted a girl. The reality is we have been praying for a healthy baby.

This week I had stronger and stronger feelings that we were going to have a girl. I would have bet the farm on it this morning and I'll tell you I got really excited. It may have even been a let down if I was wrong. Beth was of course very happy and Jack smiled when we told him. He continued to smile when I told him we were putting him up for adoption so we're not sure he really understood.

Logan Christmas 2007

We drove to Logan and the Twin Pine Ranch Christmas afternoon. Jack was reluctant to reprise his role as Baby Jesus but was willing to put on the Shepherd's robe. It turns out he didn't really want to be in the play at all but isn't one to pass up a photo opportunity.
Next year we'll still miss Elder Mikey but could have as many as two new girls in the family. Maybe both will be named Jackie? Maybe both in May? Depends on if Brian can close the deal and if we end up naming our baby girl after her big brother.

This was maybe the whitest Christmas I can remember. Unfortunately Beaver Mountain didn't get all the same storms we got down south but the Christmas Eve storm dumped enough snow that we skied fresh (old but untracked) powder all day that week. Brian (blue) and I (black) spent most of the time trying to keep up with Uncles Bill (maroon) and Jake (black) on the backside of Beaver down to the spring road.
We continued to get storms up to New Year's Day and I thought about maybe going to Deer Valley but then I remembered Grandma Smith took most of my Christmas cash (not really most, just some) in our friendly game of poker. At least I wasn't the only grandson to lose that night, just ask Brian, Curtis, and Dave.

Heber Christmas 2007

Christmas season was kicked off with a trip to see Santa at the University Mall. If you've ever seen Jack around Beth's uncle Reuben, who also rocks the white santa beard, then you would know those were not screams of delight. I had to be quick to capture this one on my phone.

On Christmas Eve Jack got to open his new pajamas before Grandma Milller read from Luke 2.

We spent Christmas morning in Heber at the "Heber House" before we left for Logan for a few days. Jack mostly watched the chaos but did get into the unwrapping of presents and eventually gave his new fire engine a whirl. He also liked sitting in Porter and Seth's awesome new Jeep.
All six of the one year olds got new scoot along vehicles. Here cousins Andrew and Maggie get in on the action as well.

This is one of my all time favorite photos

Not another blahg!

Last night I was sitting in class and the professor lost me at minute 19. I caught back up at minute 72 but a few minutes later I was lost again, this time for good. This was a little depressing considering this was the first class of Business Finance and I was already confused. Thankfully I was able to pass the time by checking up on family and friends via their blogs. It was so much fun I decided it was time to start using the blog I saved over a year ago.

We will of course continue to contribute to the extended Emmett family and the extended Miller family blogs but there are just so many pictures of Jack and opinions to share that it was time we started our own. And when I say "we" I mean "me", it will be a tiny miracle to get Beth to participate but I'll try.