May 21, 2009

Little Big Girl

We will be gone for Lily's first birthday on the 26th. So we baked her a cake and had a small celebration on Sunday. Here is the birthday girl picking blueberries off her cake.Just two of the best moms around.Cousin Kru, who is two days older than Lily (yes I said DAYS), made sure to get the frosting worked into a good lather before applying to Lily's hair and back.

Stay Tuned for Engrish Lessons

Beth and I are leaving in the morning for two weeks in Asia. We are super excited and only Beth is only kind of freaked out about leaving the kids. At least we know they are in the good hands of Grandma and Grandma McEuen, Aunt Marci and Uncle Morgan, and Grandma and Grandpa Emmett and Aunt Kristin.

The trip is part of the Executive MBA program I am finishing in just over a month. My trip is included with my ridiculous tuition but we have the option to bring our spouses. As long as we pay for them. It is a great opportunity and we couldn't pass it up. Here's a rough itinerary of what we have to look forward to and fodder for future posts and tweets.

May 22-23 Depart and arrive in Osaka, Japan
May 24-26 Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, Japan
May 27-28 Seoul, Ulsan, Bulsan, South Korea
May 29-31 Beijing, China
June 1-3 Hong Kong
June 4-6 Bangkok, Thailand

May 20, 2009

T.V. Season In Review

Now that the 2009 television season has wrapped up I feel it's safe to give a few of my thoughts. I previously didn't want to influence so many people's opinions through my blog. I mean our blog. "I did refer to it as OUR nausea" -Buster Bluth

and 24 are still far and away the best shows on T.V. They are the only two shows that no matter what is going on I will not go to bed on Monday or Wednesday without watching. A couple months ago I read this article in USA Today about the two shows. (On a side note I just love that newspaper. I honestly believe everything I read and agree with all of their reviews. It could be because they do such a great job appealing to those with attention paying disorders. Short, colorful, and almost no "continued on page 10" garbage. Reminds of the "Yada, Yada" Seinfeld episode) At that time I didn't quite share his complete and total enthusiasm for the two shows.

Lost was really ticking me off. I have never been a fan of time travel. In fact I have openly spoken against time travel whenever asked. It wasn't until this conversation between Hurley and Miles that I lightened up and appreciated the ride. It felt good to see the writers seemed to be having fun with the at times ridiculous ideas. I will always hang in there with this show no matter what because of the characters. I'm addicted to them. I can't think of another show that has relationships this well formed and developed. I still think the love story between Sayid and Nadia was fantastic. George Lucas really could have used these people to help write the Anakin-Padme disaster. Ben is one of the best bad guys ever. I loved when Desmond pounded his face in. Actually Bianco said it best in his review "Lost is one of TV's best series not because of the intricacies of its myth but because of the depth and richness of its characters."

24 this season was back (finally!) to their old tricks. That's why we always come back. The whole Tony is good Tony is bad thing was messing with my mind but I think they did a good job of resolving his motivations at the end. I'm one of the few people in the world that doesn't care for Chloe and yet has no problem with Kim. I know I'm weird but at least Chloe seemed to have a smaller role this year and Kim helped defend herself against all the haters by turning into an actual asset. It's too bad Jack is dying and won't be around for next season. I wonder who they will get to replace him. My vote is Jason Bourne.

The Office and 30 Rock are my next two favorite shows. It was weird this season because about a month or two into the season 30 Rock surpassed The Office in what I wanted to watch first when I got home from class on Thursdays. It made me laugh more and laugh harder. But then the two shows slowly switched places again and The Office was back on top. I do look forward to finding out what the big secret was the Dr. told Jim and Pam that kept them from returning to the volleyball match.

New shows that I hope return include Better Off Ted and The Unusuals. The best new show in this house is Phineas and Ferb. You gotten check out this show. I still haven't quite nailed down when it's on but sometime during Playhouse Disney before Tigger and Pooh and after Little Einsteins. Not only is the show funny but it is hilarious to hear how Jack says "Phineas and Ferb" when you ask him what he wants to watch. I actually caught myself wanting to watch an episode I hadn't seen when the kids were already in bed.


So I was reminded recently that I had been tagged. And by reminded I mean completely minded! (Dr. Doofenshmirtz anyone?). I tried to forget and then I tried to pretend to forget. Eventually too much time passed and I couldn't do it anyways. I couldn't take a "candid" picture after more than a week. I would look too good, too put together. Plus I overheard one woman at work tell another woman at work how to look good in self portraits. You hold the camera up high and look up, this avoids the double chin.

But then I remembered I kind of did it while trying to figure out how to upload to Twitpic on my phone. It was 6:00 a.m. and I was trying to stay warm before the triathlon started by seeking shelter in a port a potty. I actually didn't want to leave because this particular port a potty had never been used and it was really sad knowing what it would be like by the end of the day.

Anyways you can go here if you wish to see my unflattering photo per the rules of the tag.

I tag the three people least likely to pass it along. Or most likely to ignore. Or most likely to let it die.


May 15, 2009


Jack came with me to packet pick up at the St. George Triathlon and got in on the body marking action. He went with #2.