December 15, 2008

Point Five Years

Seriously how cute is this little girl!? She is growing up fast and continues to bring lots of light to our family. Lily had her 6 month check up and is just over 15 pounds and 25 inches, 30th and 40th percentiles. She is sitting up nicely and has become somewhat mobile, especially if you are trying to change her. She loves eating and trying to eat whatever is in front of her. She is most vocal when she sees food and feels we are not moving fast enough. She got her first haircut as well. Like Jack at that age the mohawk is the only thing growing and it starts to look a little silly. Her favorite things to do include watching her brother's antics and trying to grab the sippy out of his hands.

Here they are showing off their twin band-aids. Lily was a champ and didn't even react until the second shot. At that point she let out a "not cool! definitely not not cool!" Jack on the other hand reacted any time the nurse walked by or spoke to him. The Dr. was OK but the lady professor of torture was not welcome.

December 8, 2008


You know how when kids get caught playing with something they know they shouldn't be they immediately hand it to you as if to say "I was just getting this for you, relax."

"Oh Dad, I didn't see you there. Anyways, I found your Blackberry and was just getting ready to bring it to you. I may have downloaded a new ring tone but it's all good."

To further emphasize his helpfulness whenever Jack is busted with one of the cameras he hands it to us and proceeds to say "cheeeeeeeeeeessssse." Sometimes he just says "me. me. me." Maybe he really did catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror and thought he was just too cute to not capture. See below for a few caught red handed examples. Yesterday morning while rifling through the purse he finds the camera again, gets busted again, immediately hands it over and poses for a photo again. Not necessarily wanting another photo of him in his pajamas in front of the T.V. Beth asked him to go stand next to Lily for the picture. This is what happened next, you've never seen a boy's feelings get hurt and tears flow so fast.

Lily found the exchange totally entertaining.

December 5, 2008

Lights at Temple Square

It hasn't felt as Christmasy around here with the complete lack of snow. After such a long winter last year I've actually been OK with it. But now it needs to snow, and snow a lot. It's hard not to get in the Christmas spirit after a Temple Square visit. Lots of people, spirit, lights, and cold air. Although I once again felt like there were fewer lights than the year before and one person in particular was missing, a Danish sister missionary to hilse. Nevertheless it was a fun evening.
Lily was content to spend the evening slinged against her mother and would only occasionally peak out.
Gotta love these kids but man it can be frustrating taking a photo.
Jack loved the short TRAX ride from Cafe Rio to Temple Square. He entertained those around with his non-stop "woo-wooooo! woo-wooooo!"