October 30, 2008

Fall Television

While we patiently wait for the next installments of 24 and Lost we have given a few news shows a try. We've found a couple that we like but nowadays it seems like that is only half the battle. Now we wait and see if the show gets rearranged one week and then never returns. Here are my thoughts on the new shows, I watched each one at least twice before I reviewed.
  1. Knight Rider D -- Not good. Cheesy and the only thing nostalgic about it was the theme music.
  2. Fringe C- -- This was the show I thought had the most potential. J. J. Abrams said that fans of Lost would identify with this show. I just didn't get it and didn't care. The story line is government agents trying to figure out "the pattern" of weird events. My problem was each episode followed the same pattern and it got old. Something unexplainable happens, it turns out to be related to experiments done by a Dr. at Harvard 20 years, and the company Massive Dynamic is involved, the end. Beth wants to keep giving a shot but I think it's because she has a crush on the guy from Dawson's Creek. Plus another nail in their coffin is they fell into the same trap Chuck did. I can't tell if the main character is cute or not. I think she's cute, no she isn't, maybe if they changed her hair, no . . definitely not pretty. I'm not trying to say that every show needs to have beautiful people but I want to be able to tell one way or the other. And I know it's not just me because I have run this by Beth and others.
  3. Kath and Kim C+ -- This made the DVR cut list because it has one of my favorite actors. The sad part is I don't even know his name but he has cracked me up in everything he's in from DirecTV commercials, episodes of Seinfeld and Arrested Development, and the Christopher Guest movies. John Michael Higgins, took 4 seconds to just look it up. Unfortunately the women characters are made to be too stupid and it makes it almost unwatchable. It's only 30 minutes so it will probably remain on the DVR list until it is cancelled.
  4. My Own Worst Enemy B+ -- I thought the pilot episode of this show was excellent. It had more blood and showed more skin than we were used to on network television but that didn't continue beyond the pilot. The second episode bugged me because the company still sent Henry(as opposed to Edward) on the top secret missions. You'd have to see it to understand what I'm talking about. However, this weeks episode was entertaining and resolved my concerns.
  5. Pushing Daisies A- -- I realize this show isn't new but it is new to us. It made the cut based on a recommendation from a friend who also caught us up as much as we needed. It is original and quite clever. Plus I don't have to debate whether Charlotte is attractive. The narrator is Jim Dale, who many will recognize as the narrator of the Harry Potter books. Another reason to try Pushing Daisies, it's one of those shows that looks awesome in HD.
If there is something else we've missed or you have enjoyed please let us know. The Office and Life are our two favorite shows right now. When Life was relegated to a Friday time slot we saddened knowing it was only a matter of time before it was canceled. But it keeps getting special showings on a Monday here or Wednesday there so maybe there is hope after all. The Office had a new all time funny moment a few weeks ago when Jim's review of Battlestar Gallactica involved Dumbledore Calrissian and his trip to Mordor.

October 25, 2008


For part of the extended weekend we took the kids to Disneyland for the first time. My parents and sister joined us for an excellent day. The weather was perfect, crowds were low, and the smiles would not quit. All of the sudden Disneyland is fun again.Jack was content to look at the characters including Winnie the Pooh. He would simply shake his head and smile when asked if he wanted to give them a hug.
Such a good little girl.
First stop of the day was the "new" Finding Nemo ride. Unfortunately it was the first stop for a lot of people and was the longest line of the day but since Nemo is one of Jack's words it was totally worth it. Who knew the submarine ride would ever attract a crowd again.
Dumbo was another big hit. Jack was so funny when he would get to the front of the lines and see the car/teacup/boat leave with the people that were in front of us. He would get impatient and almost worried that we had just missed our chance at happiness only to see another opportunity come his way.
Woody's Roundup Show was a big hit for a couple reasons. Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl is not only an excellent performer but also Jolie, the family friend that got us into the park for free.
Here we are the Jungle Cruise. Jack was at first cautiously anticipating seeing an elephant.
Then we saw it.
And he wasn't so sure he liked it after all. At least on this boat he didn't force his Grandma to cover his eyes with her hand like he did on Pirates of the Caribbean.
I like this picture because I never thought Lily could pull off the evil look.
Here we are over in California Adventure. The things around our necks are Dream Passes that gave us fast passes to all the cool rides regardless of the time. We were randomly selected as winners while coming of Big Thunder and the envy of those in the know.
This was taken on the tram back to the parking lot, maybe the kids favorite ride of the day. It might of just been the knowledge that In-N-Out was in the very near future.

October 22, 2008

Introducing . . . .

The Robleses. Casey has somehow managed to become a minor character of sorts in the tales of the Emmett Doggies. So I had to give him and his beautiful bride a shout out. However, tales from the bachelor party will need to be kept private. Unless you go here. Thanks for giving us a reason to go home for the weekend! Couldn't quite get my glasses off in time.
Here's one with the kiddos.

October 16, 2008

Foliaged Again

Every fall I eagerly anticipate chlorophyll's demise. You remember chlorophyll, the remarkable chemical that turns sunlight into starch. As days shorten and temperatures cool the green substance in leaves starts breaking down revealing the previously masked array of colors. Can I get a "Chlorophyll? More like Borophyll!"

I thought this was a pretty good year for foliage in the Wasatch/Cache national forests, not as good as some but still decent. Spring was a little too long and summer too dry but fall cooperated nicely (until the snow flew this week). Yesterday as the wind picked up you could literally watch all the leaves get blown off the trees around town. Apparently Mother Nature's little fling is over and we are about to be abandoned for the winter. It's times like this I wonder why I ever wish chlorophyll harm.

We made a couple half of half-hearted (quarter hearted?) efforts to capture a family photo displaying the colors. By the time we got around to the first two photos we were about 10 days too late for the reds and oranges on the hills in the background. The photos were taken on top of Memorial Hill in Midway. The next couple photos were taken over the weekend on a drive above Wasatch state park. This time we were about 10 days too late for the yellows of the quaking aspen.

Emily was able to get a good shot of my ladies. You can see that Jack has entered a phase where he is possibly the least cooperative participant ever for family photos. However, if it's just him in the picture he is often all smiles.

October 7, 2008

Jack Turns 2!

About the time Jack went to bed on his birthday he started to figure out that it was some sort of a celebration of him. But on a daily basis the kid celebrates and his mom spoils him so why would October 5th be any different?Thanks everyone for coming and helping blow out all those candles.
Aunt Heidi look what I got . . . now open them.
Jack gave the OK to have his cousins help open this present and one second later . . .

Little cars into the back of the dump truck. We had to keep convincing him to come back and open his next present.
Brian and Jackie look on as Jack opens their present to him. Beth and I were really excited about the Play-Doh.
Oh look another box! I'm so excited!
Take the shirt away I got to get to the bottom of this one.
Dad, you take the sweater. If there are any more boxes like this, give them to my mother.
As you wish . . .

Finally the big wheel came out to oohs and aahs. Unfortunately Jack can't reach the pedals so it will go into the attic until Spring. Maybe we'll give it to Lily for her 1st birthday.
After all the excitement, carbo loading with the delicious cake.

October 3, 2008

St. George

Here are some photos from last weekend's visit to St. George. It ended up being a family affair as most everyone decided independently that the football bye week would be a good time to catch a show at Tuacahn. We saw Big River which was just awesome. As usual they put on a great show in a spectacular setting. At one point they literally turn the stage into a big river. I even recognized a few of the songs. Apparently Big River was one of the tapes we would check out and cycle through during my 8 month stay in Herning. At first I couldn't place it and then when they started singing "Arkansas! Arkansas!" it hit me, I heard this in Denmark.Everyone before the show started.
I thought the seats are pretty comfortable and roomy. The guy sitting behind Morgan would probably beg to differ.
Jack and Oliver reunited at last.
"Hiking" around the red rock bluff above St. George.
Jack and Seth chilling in the shade.
Lily loves watching Jack but isn't so sure about his methods of holding her.

October 2, 2008

BCS Bound?

Being the sports starved male that I am it can be hard living in a market where there are not that many shows in town. What I mean is I miss having access to every game the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Ducks, etc. play. I don't like any of the Denver teams and The Jazz may be growing on me but the appeal of the NBA as a whole is dwindling. However, there is always ample news and coverage for the Cougar fans. I am partly blaming this for my growing, borderline annoying, obsession with BYU football.

Thus far the college football season has been good for the Cougar fan. Now expectations are through the roof and many consider anything other than a BCS bowl game a disappointment. I think it's still early to make plans but now that BYU has moved up to #8 in the polls it certainly looks possible. It would require a third straight year of undefeated conference play, including tough games at TCU and Utah. Not an easy task. I was there two years ago at Utah when BYU needed a last second touchdown to beat a Utah team that wasn't supposed to be a challenge. I keep telling myself things like this so if they do lose my depression won't last more than a few hours.

It's been kind of cool to see BYU get national love. But what I really wanted to talk about was something Bronco said after the Wyoming game, a second straight shut out for the defense. He was asked if he considered margin of victory before benching the starters after 2 1/2 quarters.

"I think notoriety comes in a lot of different ways and certainly that's one way to do it. That's not the way we'll do it. Our hope is to impress in our consistency and execution, really honoring the game, maybe in defiance of the system. We will win with class and integrity. If that's at the expense of polls or rankings or points, it's at that expense. I have been around selfish teams that do that. That’s not who we will be.”

I am so glad that Bronco feels that way and I have no problem admitting selfish interests. Beth's baby brother came into game part way through the 4th quarter at Quarterback and we were freaking out. It was so much fun to see him start warming up on the sidelines. I was a nervous wreck and yet he seemed cool and collected. He did awesome, getting several first downs and the team getting a field goal while in the game. I wish somebody would correct the box score. #19 is not C. Comer it is K. McEuen. We'd even settle for K. Mcewen or K. Macewan.

It's frustrating that the BCS system encourages teams to put up ridiculous numbers in the name of recognition. I texted into Bronco's weekly radio show last night and asked him a similar question. He replied (on air after thanking "John" for the question BOO YEAH!) that he believes the 3rd and even 4th teams deserve opportunities in situations like those against UCLA and Wyoming.

So here's to more shut outs and plenty of "scrub" time. Tomorrow we are off to Logan to watch BYU-USU. I am surrounded by Aggie alum at every family function and would not survive the Holidays if BYU doesn't win.

A ghetto version of just one of the highlights from the last game. But isn't everything about The Mtn. ghetto?