January 21, 2009

Making a pizza

This is Jack wondering why in the world I am referring to a pizza. After a couple days of wearing skis around the house to work on his balance we ventured outside. In true Emmett form he was ready to quit early in favor of lunch but promised to try again. Just as soon as his dad finds some other sucker to carry him around. Grandpas????

January 15, 2009

2008 Year in Review

Before I start I'd like to make a quick public service announcement. As we dive into the depths of winter people need to remember one thing. Coats, parkas, sweaters, sport jackets, etc. can get dirty. Just because they have layers underneath and you don't wear them as often doesn't mean they can't absorb B.O. Please keep others in mind as you enter the 4th season without washing that coat.

2008 Year in Review

Best/Worst Commercials:
This post can be contributed to a question asked by my professor in the Advertising/Promotion class I just started. He asked what our favorite commercials were this year and I drifted into my thoughts from there. Thanks to the wonderful world of DVR (would be in the discussion for best invention) my commercial viewing is limited to what' s on Sportscenter before bed and Playhouse Disney in the morning. Commercials I will rewind for are 1. Anything with Peyton Manning, he always nails it 2. DirecTV posing as the cable company commercials, mentioned in a previous post 3. Sonic with the two funny guys in the car and 4. The beer commercials with the NFL coach rants.

I could immediately identify the two worst commercials. Did that commercial just tell me to use TV to keep my kids from school work and sports? Or I don't know what you are selling just make that lady stop dancing.

Favorite/Most Inspiring books of 2008: My favorite book of last year was probably The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor. I picked it up by chance at the airport because it sounded intriguing and part of it takes place literally in my backyard Midway, UT. The book is actually several years old and was the first novel with Scot Harvath, the ex professional skier turned Navy SEAL turned Secret Service Agent turned CIA assassin. Lions was fast and fun and the insights/comments on Mormon and Utah culture were quite funny and only slightly wrong. I have since read and enjoyed the next 6 books with Scot Harvath. He reminds me a lot of me. Except for the blond hair, blue eyes, and daily expert use of guns. I shot a black powder rifle once when I was 12. But he's a guy who just really likes America, like me.

Most inspiring book of the year by a long shot was Breaking Dawn. After finishing that book I felt a little sick and kind of guilty about having just read all four of those books. The fact that I mostly enjoyed them probably made matters worse. Nothing inspired me more to change and do something with my life than when I finished reading. In fact I couldn't even start another book of fiction for several weeks and was stuck trying to make my way through John Adams.

Movies of 2008: Because I felt none of the sequels lived up to predecessors my movie of the year award goes to Twilight. This was the first movie made after 1969 that made my wife smile from the first second, all the way through the credits, and into her sleep. It was amazing to witness. And that wasn't even the first time she saw it. For me I had a hard time getting over the disappointing castings of Esme and Rosalie.

The one "worth it to own it" award goes to WALL-E. Simply because of the sheer volume of viewings you can get out of anything from Pixar. Jack is a big fan.

Race of the year: I've blogged about both the Battle at Midway and LOTOJA. While I loved those races and look forward to them again this year there were two other races that tied for race of the year honors: Irvine Stake Triathlon and Novell On-site Triathlon. Two very prestigious races, one against software geeks and the other against high schoolers on single speeds. But they gave me my first two first place overall wins and will hold special places in my heart. Special thanks to my competition, Casey Robles and David Warden, who have beat me before and will beat me again for not racing this year.

Television 2008: Most of the shows this year were abbreviated but that wasn't all bad. Although nothing will top the Lost season finale from 2007 when they introduced the flash forward I thought Season 4 was the best since the first season. So many things were finally answered it actually makes me nervous for what they might do this year. It's probably my favorite show. The best "new to us" show goes to Psych.

My Miscellaneous awards:
Accessory of the year = Reversible belt by Banana Republic. Matches brown or black shoes and does not need to be removed at airport security. Honorable mention ECCO's 'New York Bicycle Toe' Slip-on.
New addiction of the year = Blackberry. Honorable Mention Facebook, be my friend!
Funniest post of the year = Still laughing about my buddy Wes and the Urine-Nation. I could relate. Honorable Mention, too many of y'all.
Sports news of the year = Lance Armstrong returns, this is going to be awesome. Honorable mention, Elder Emmett reports he still has mad soccer skills.

It was an awesome year and we felt extremely blessed. Here's to a great 2009.

January 3, 2009

Flippin Busy

We have really enjoyed the new Flip camcorder Lily gave us. Beth captured a couple videos of her "crawling". She started experimenting a couple days before Christmas and is now getting pretty good. Her destination is usually wherever Jack is and it is a crack up to watch him try to play as she crawls all over him and his stuff. Yesterday she had him cornered behind the Christmas tree as he tried to play cars. As you can see she takes inspiration from the worm, the spider, and of course the army man.

Seinfeld Scene It?

The worst part of December was the 11 days we went without internet. The Comcast guy was on the side of our house fixing a neighbors internet and next thing you know I go upstairs and nothing works. The soonest a guy could come back out between our schedules and the holidays was over a week. Bust! Luckily between the office, the Coffee House, friends, family, and Blackberry I was able to keep the shakes to a minimum. I still have some catching up to do but there is one thing I gotta post.

Beth came through and got me Seinfeld Scene It? for Christmas. It is awesome. Jason and Heidi and Kurt and Jordan came over to play and although I failed to capture the event live I was able to recreate the board for the photo. Here's how the first game went. That's my piece (the puffy shirt) in the winner's circle and their pieces (cereal box and cigar shop indian) less than 1/3 of the way done.I have to give them a hand for the second game and making me sweat. It was me against all five of them, including Beth is no Seinfeld slacker, and it came right down to the end.

Christmas OEight

Once again a successful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve and Morning in Heber and then drove to Logan. It was the whitest Christmas I've ever seen, Highway 40 had feet of snow but thankfully the storm hadn't hit the rest of state (yet!). It was all good though because it meant 18 inches of fresh snow at The Beav. Not quite the 30 inches Deer Valley got but it still held up for two days of skiing down to Spring Road.

Here are some photos from the events:
Most of the cousins on Christmas Eve in their new pajamas.
This is pretty much how Lily rolls.
Jack woke up excited but had no idea why. It must have been because his cousins were already up and running around up stairs. You can't see it in this picture but a minute later Jack opened his stocking and to his delight was an apple! After that it was like "hey Jack look you got new skis!" and he was all "It's a Red Delicious!"
He could still mostly play without letting the apple out of his sight.
Lily had a blast sitting with Grandma and observing the action. She was mostly indifferent about the clothes but the wrapping and ribbons were the best.

Everyone playing later that morning, mostly with other people's toys. Jack tries to once again horde Hallie's balls and Ollie plays with Jack's helicopter. Elena was the lucky one because nobody else seemed to want to play with her dolls and dresses. At least one kid we didn't have to listen to yell "Mine!" over and over and over.

In Logan Lily dazzled as one of three baby Jesus and gave new meaning to the phrase "I scream, you scream, we all scream for (Great Grandpa Emmett's) ice cream!"