July 23, 2010

Baby Watch

I was recently reminded (again) that I haven't updated to blog in a while. Um, hello...there is a baby countdown ticker on the right that updates like EVERY SINGLE DAY.

No news to report yet. Beth has continued to regularly grab her stomach or back in such a manner that one might expect a giant contraction is just about to force the baby out, only to say it was nothing. She probably won't come until long after her due date. I say that because I believe in the power of prayer. Once the baby comes it creates too much work, much easier for me if she just stays in the womb.


The Martz Guppies said...

John- it's funny how one can't imagine fitting another child into the family and all the craziness that goes with bringing that child into the world...and home. But in a few weeks you're gunna tell Beth..."How was our family with out her???" It will all just come together. Good Luck! We love you guys and can't wait to see all the pictures of all these new Mc's!

Papa John said...

We are still anxiously waiting for the oficial word that she had made her official arrival so pleae kep us posted.