May 6, 2010


After work Friday we headed down to St. George with some friends to cheer on Casey in the inaugural IronMan St. George. It was a bit up in the air if Casey was actually going to join us since he had to checked-in in St. George Thursday at 4:00 pm and Ryanne had just given birth to their baby Thursday at 1:00am. Turned out he could check in Friday morning and after much debate they figured what the heck he could head down, race, and be back in time to take the baby home. Meanwhile Ryanne was in good hands with her friends and family.

Before the 7:00 am start time we could not find Casey. Finally 6-7 minutes before the horn Casey comes flying into the transition area still in his clothes. I immediately started freaking out on him because it takes me longer than that to pull my wetsuit on. He didn't seem concerned, the long bathroom break was worth it. He was fast and made it into the water before the gun. Plus the water was so dang cold it wasn't like he was going to get a warm up in.Sand Hollow Reservoir is a great setting for a race. Here is everyone at the start of the 2.4 mile swim.
Casey was out of the water in 1 hour flat and looking for his bag, screaming fast.
Next came the 112 mile bike. Due to the way the shuttles ran we had to wait around another hour and half before we could get back to the cars. Back in St. George we relieved the wives of kid watching duty for a while before all heading to the Brick Oven for lunch. For some reason they elected not to wake up at 5:00 am to make it out the watch the swim start. Here is Casey starting his bike ride.
6 hours later Casey was done with the bike and stoked to be doing his strongest strength, running. 7 hours in and all he had to do was run a measly marathon (26.2 miles)
Some of his support crew. There were Team Casey shirts everywhere and we would all look at each other like..who are you? You know we're his best friends, right? We're from The I-R-V!
I mentioned Casey appeared to be stoked to be running. Well that wasn't quite the case 8 miles later. I have never seen him in such a dark place. And I have seen him throw up so many times at the end of a race that is saying something. He was tired, sad, missing his wife and new baby, exhausted and wanted to just go home. 7 minute miles creeped closer to 10. His sister Aymee (below) and I hung with him for a minute trying to get him to eat and just put one foot in front of the other. 5 miles later we saw him again. This time we were ready with bananas, Dr. Pepper, and a frozen strawberry popsicle. The old smiling Casey was back. It was very rewarding.

I'd like to make a quick note for those familiar with St. George. You will notice in the picture below we are on Red Hills Pkwy. An hour earlier we were all downtown with 8 kids between the ages of 1 and 6 and a pregnant lady. We hauled/pushed/carried/whipped the whole crew up that insane hill. We felt like we deserved a finisher medal just for that.
Here we are waiting near the finish line. We kept trying to take pictures that would show just how dirty the kids were but nothing could do it justice. Sand, streams, grass, rocks, popsicles, sun, lotion, sweat, it was hilarious.
Any minute now he was going to run by.
Not quite ready for daddy's bike.
And then he finished. I didn't get a picture after that. 10:53 was his incredible time. Not only was it an IronMan but it was his first one and on an incredibly difficult course. Nicely done bro!

Trevor and I went back to the finish line at 11:00 to watch those racing to finish before the cutoff at midnight. It was a total party and quite inspiring.
I was totally worried that I would get inspired and want to sign up for next year's. I didn't know how that conversation was going to go with Beth. But thankfully that course is hard, that water is cold, and the winter is long. I had no desire to sign up. But I did get super excited for November and IronMan Arizona. So it was win/win. For those that missed this race (and those that didn't) join us in Tempe November 21 for my crack at an IronMan. It's the Sunday before Thanksgiving and there are great rates at that time.

Of course this wouldn't be complete if I didn't reminisce the first time I brought Casey to St. George for a triathlon:


Papa John said...

I can only imagine how much and Ironman must require - especially right after the birth of your first son. My hat is off to Casy but I am thankful I don't have to try and compete with him.

Marci and Morgan said...

what I what to know is what the HECK does yesaCnorI mean??? You're tapped out in english titles so you're moving onto pig-latin??

johnEboy said...

But Morgan I put in caps to make it easier. Look at in the mirror.

But you are right, I hate titles so I have resorted to making several that make NO sense at all.

Marci and Morgan said...

Gotcha...thanks for the explanation.