September 7, 2010

Tour Of Utah

A couple Sundays ago the final stage of the Tour of Utah came through Midway. Church got out just in time for us to come and watch the battle for the sprint points on main street. Taylor Phinney won the sprint but ended up losing the sprint jersey by a single point. Jack and Lily were mostly excited for a reason break out the cowbell from the 2002 olympics.

After that we immediately jumped in the car and drove down to Highland to watch them again at the feedzone in front of my parents house. The kids were able to collect half a dozen water bottles discarded by the pros. Lily immediately picked them and started to drink whatever energy drink they happened to be drinking. It was gross. I rode the same course as the pros the week before and it was one of the hardest days on a bike I've ever had. Last year doing the same thing was the hardest day ever. I was amazed at how fast they go. I posted a video of the kids and the sprint at the bottom.
I like how Lily answers my question with a question. And not just any question, her single favorite word. Why?

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emetski said...

"Who won?"
I loved that. I'm sure Taylor Phinney is OK answering to Why. Thanks to their hard work I now have another dozen water bottles I don't need in my garage.