September 7, 2010

Isabel's Blessing Day

We Blessed Isabel on Sunday in Midway in Scott and Ann's Ward. FYI you were all invited, we just didn't communicate that very well (or at all). It worked out great that family could come in from out of town for the holiday weekend, Swiss Days, and the BYU football home opener. Emily and Greg also blessed Baby Evelyn who is just two days younger than Isabel. It didn't work out for Kurt and Jordan to bless Madden (two days older than Isabel) but we look forward to that later this month.Here is most of the gang that attended. Stop standing on your tippy toes Michael!
The Emmett Family.
Afterwards we gathered at the Heber House for a fiesta. Good Mexican food, good company, mediocre volleyball, great times.
Lily definitely was not shy about getting in photos. I love that she and her cousin Bobby are separated by almost two years but only about two pounds.

The coolest part of the weekend was Isabel's blessing gift from her Great Grandpa and Grandma Emmett. It is an antique telephone brought across from Denmark. I must admit that I have had my eye on this for a long time. Not only is it an awesome good looking antique, it's from Denmark. I wondered how I could somehow get on the will for an inheritance. Turns out all I had to do was name a daughter Agnes. The antique organ was already 'won' by my cousin Katie Agnes. It is going to look great on the wall next to my KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM eye chart.


emetski said...
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emetski said...

It was a fun day! It was my lucky day to have you hand Isabel over right after the blessing. Her great grandma Emmett was sure happy to hold her for part of the Sacrament meeting.