December 16, 2010

Growing on me

Not the best quality but is the most recent photo.

I'm really starting to like this little girl. Now before you get all upset notice I said 'like', not 'love'. I'm sure in one of my many recent posts I talked about the instant love I feel and felt for each of my children. With Isabel's extra traumatic entrance to this world it was possibly even more defined when I set eyes on her. I love her A LOT. Having said that......

I'll be honest I didn't really like her all that much at the start.* What's to like? She cramps my style, she is an extra person to worry about, an extra diaper to change, an extra person to attend to, an extra thing to carry. And what do I get in return? Nothing! Zero! She doesn't ever acknowledge that I exist let alone seem appreciative.

Of course that all starts to change with the exercising of 12 little baby muscles. You know what I'm talking about, the smile muscles. I CAN NOT wait for babies to start smiling. That's all I ask. Up until they do that I really don't want much to do with them. But when they eventually show recognition in the eyes and curl those little lips up you just melt. Suddenly it's all worth it.

So yes she may have made me wait a few more days to see her smile than she did for EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) else that held her but I have forgiven her. Now one of the many favorite parts of my day is greeting her whether it be after a nap or arriving home and see her do one of those full body smiles where even her torso gets in on the action. She really is growing on me.

*it should be noted that she was and still is a REALLY REALLY good baby so I at least appreciated her for that.

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emetski said...

Easy to see how you could fall for such a cutie. Now you can take a few months off from blogging and catch your breath - that is, unless you have cute kids, then you have some catching up to do.