May 6, 2010


Now that it is May I feel it's safe to do a bit of blogging about Easter. I hate how in Blogger the pictures you upload first end up a the bottom of your post. Seriously it's enough to make me miss a month, again. Oh well I'll just leave them in the order here.

Los Ninos on Easter Sunday
Our kids are so obedient. This is right after I said "Jack, your sister is trying to get down. Choke her out!"Strike an adorable pose!
Mommy and Lily after the hunt.
I think this picture best captures Easter Sunday for the kids. Look at Porter's face. Seriously? Another group shot? We haven't even had time to eat the captured eggs! I often felt like a sheepdog. look over there while your parents look at the camera.
Seth and Jack showing off after finding the two money eggs.
During the hunt.
More herding....Great Grandpa McEuen came to visit. We grabbed some photos before lunch just in case he had to leave immediately after his last bite of food.
Elena close your legs no close them put them together your knees. Oliver scoot in front of your sister so we can get a photo.
Before Easter and just about every morning and afternoon. My cast stayed relatively odor free before this trip.

The kids were alright at coloring eggs. Nobody really got close to my multi-colored egg skills.
These guys like each other.
Marci and Emily also did a good job documenting here and here. So did Jordan and Heidi but their posts are privatized.


Amber said... had me laughing out loud. Matt had to come see what I was reading, and he laughed out loud as well. And that is difficult to come by.

Papa John said...

It looks like everyone had a good time in spite of the various challenges. We are glad you all survived.